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The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that 50% of Blood Pressure (BP) tests and readings are incorrect and clinicians should refresh their understanding and skill in taking BP every 6 months.

This FREE course will go through the fundamentals of how to properly take BP within your clinical practice, a test for ALL new patients. 

  • Understanding the Importance of taking Blood Pressure and Systemic Health / How to use an Pulse Oximeter Correctly in clinical practice. 
  • Blood Pressure Testing / Techniques and Clinical Interpretations 
  • Cardiovascular Screening for Clinical Practice / Understanding Hypertension and CV Disease / Risk Factors 
  • Correct set-up, Application, Common Mistakes, Note Taking and Referral Guidelines
  • Cardiovascular Screening and Observations 
  • Cardiovascular Special Tests 

  • Author: OMT
  • Sections: 9
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Upgrade this course and get a "Certificate of Excellence" in CV Blood Pressure Screening & Testing, Oximeter Testing and CV Screening for clinical practice, and claim 5hrs CPD.

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