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FREE Masterclass in Thoracic Cage Acupuncture Safety

In-depth FREE Masterclass in Thoracic Acupuncture / Dry Needling Safety

  • In-Depth Anatomy and Physiology of the Thoracic Cage
  • Understand Pneumothorax Risks & How to Avoid it.
  • Needle Angles and Insertion
  • Pleural Depth, Avoiding Organs and Areas of Clinical Risk
  • Ask the Right Questions
  • 8hrs CPD Certificate on Upgrading
  • Screening, Case History and Safety Protocols, Areas of Risk
  • HD Video Tutorials and Discussion

  • Qualify and Show Your Excellence in Clinical Safety

NB. This course is NOT suitable for students without previous acupuncture or dry needling qualifications

FREE Online Masterclass

Avoid Pneumothorax / Safe Clinical Acupuncture Skills 

8 hrs CPD

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